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Greetings friends and colleagues. My trip to Tucson this year was quite the whirlwind experience. I only had two days to visit towards the very end of the show, but none the less I was thankful to still make it down! Making certain that I appropriated the time needed to find some stellar specimens to list on this site, I did not get the opportunity to snap as many photographs as I would have liked. I am sharing all of those that I did manage to fire off with you here.

The main show at the Tucson Convention Center was graced by familiar specimens...which I never get tired of viewing. Also, there were some new displays which I did not get to photograph, so for more show highlights and coverage, make sure to check out: The-Vug, and Needless to say, these two sites are world favorites in providing a wealth of information for mineral collectors around the globe. Justin and Jolyon (severely dedicated to their craft), had their booths set up side by side at the Tucson Convention Center. The few times that I managed to whisk by, they were both at full house with fans and visitors alike.

Most of you might be aware of, Justin has been working so very hard on "The-VugCast" -- the first internet mineral talk show. In his own words Justin says: "There are online talk shows for just about every hobby now, so why not a talk show for mineral collectors?" Well, the hard work has certainly paid off. The-VugCast has already produced many quality and informative video presentations in such a short period of time. For more highlight of this year's show just click on the logos below and have a look won't be disappointed!

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View of downtown Tucson "zoomed all the way in" from my hotel room.

Pictured above left is the scary prehistoric cave bear skeleton, contrasted on the right by the cute and cuddly polar bear.

Above is this year's new mineral species find: spherical orange crystals on leafy green matrix...just kidding!

In the picture above, my lovely wife Lilia cross examines the many Zeolites in "Superb Minerals India" new Tucson store.

Below proud, proprietor, "KC" shines in front of one of the many fine display cases in his new, and permanent store front.

Mr. "KC" Pandey

Pictured top left and center is the daily brunch, compliments of the Tucson Convention Center...if you want to crack your teeth that is! This very unique and creative feast is a conglomerate (no pun intended) of many rocks sculpted into various food items. Click to enlarge the menu (left) to see the food = rock list.

Parting shot (top right): Just moments before reluctantly leaving the Tucson Convention Center to catch my flight home, I was quite happy to have brief moment to catch up with Jolyon of

Please click on the arrow below, to see the awesome minerals for sale that I acquired from the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2009. Take good care and see you soon!

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