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Amethyst & Quartz on matrix # TUC0809

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By now most of you collectors are aware of what the theme for Tucson 2008 was all about -- "America's Mineral Treasures." Displays were featured from all of the prominent locales from the United States of America.

I sincerely hope that you did get to see it in person. If you did not have this privilege in sharing in such a historical event, I can only hope that some of the pictures of the show featured here on my site, as well as the many other mineral web sites worldwide, will give you a glimpse, and taste, of all the amazing displays that were there. This special showing really puts into perspective the amazing variety of Gems and Minerals that exist within the USA!

Well my friends, the gorgeous specimen pictured above is from one of those famous locales -- the Jackson's Crossroad Mine, in Wilkes County, Georgia.

What a winner this one is! I was fortunate enough to grab it from miner Terry Ledford on the last day of the show. I was informed by the mine owners that these matrix specimens are not very common, which makes complete sense as I have seen mostly only crystal floater pieces.

As you can see in the photographs above this is an aesthetically beautiful cabinet specimen. The wonderful contrast of the white matrix with perfect Quartz crystals, gently cradles the purple Amethyst crystal group. Great purple color that this locality is known for. Sharp terminations with translucent to transparent luster.

Here's your chance to own one of the very best (since the Tucson show 2008), from now an even more famous US locale! Truly a superb cabinet specimen.

Dimensions in cm: 9.0 x 7.0 x 6.5
Largest crystal in cm: 6.0

Wilkes County, Georgia

Ex: Terry Ledford

Specimen # TUC0809

Quartz & Chlorite # TUC0810

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When you think of Nepal, one thinks of mountains...very high mountains. Well, at least I do! That is where these beautiful Quartz specimens come from...mined at very high alpine regions in Nepal at elevations between 10,000 and 16,000 feet!

I found these Quartz with Chlorite specimens to be really attractive and unusual as far as Quartz specimens go. This cabinet piece is the largest I got from the Tucson show, and features dozens of perfectly formed, transparent Quartz crystals with amazing Chlorite inclusions.

Dimensions in cm: 11.0 x 6.0 x 4.5
Largest crystal in cm: 3.0

Dhading, Nepal

Specimen # TUC0810

Yellow Calcite on matrix # TUC0811

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Gorgeous cabinet piece featuring a wonderful arrangement of three large yellow, modified scalenohedral, Calcite crystals on a matrix with dozens of smaller crystals.

Great honey color, luster, and perfect double terminations. I have not seen many others of this quality and color!

Dimensions in cm: 13.5 x 9.0 x 4.5
Largest crystal in cm: 5.0

(Daye Copper Mine)
Daye County, Huangshi Perfecture, Hubei Province, China

Specimen # TUC0811

Gypsum w/Alabaster # TUC0812

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Very aesthetic large miniature specimen of pristine, crystal clear Gypsum crystals, on a matrix of Alabaster. Razor sharp terminations, with incredible transparency...just stunning!

During the photo shoot, there was a lot of light bouncing off due to the reflective bright white color of the alabaster. There is a lot of detail going on at the base of the large crystals, along with some perfectly small Gypsum crystals on top of the matrix.

Dimensions in cm: 4.5 x 3.0 x 5.0
Largest crystal in cm: 3.0

Zaragoza, Spain

Specimen # TUC0812

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