Welcome to my other "Rock ~ ing "(and Jazz, and RNB, etc.), career! Listed below you will see a few highlights of my journey in music. I hope you enjoy looking!

Yours truly, at the TAOS INN, Taos, NM, January 07, 2006
Photo courtesy of Lilia Ruiz


Over the years I have been so blessed to work with some of the music industry's greats! Of course this came about by first paying "my dues".

        Photo courtesy of Cathie Hitchko            

Working with David Benoit was a real treat. This was actually a Jazz Quintet, featuring: David and his brother Phil (unfortunately not pictured in the performance shots) on guitar; Angela Benoit (Phil's wife) on Vocals; and Marcus Johnson is on the Acoustic Bass.

This concert that took place in October 1999, was for the kids at the Haiku School on Maui. David Benoit is known not only for his great music accomplishments, but also for his empowering approach to sharing, and teaching his craft with the children around the world!

      Phil, David, me & Angela (Phil's lovely wife).  
Playing on the islands was, and still is, some of the best gigs and years of my life. Pictured above is "Dr. Rock", and to the right "Espresso". All very talented musicians!



From left to right Guy Russo, George Benson, Charlie Haynes.

Photo courtesy of Cathie Hitchko



One of the best shows of my career. This was a 9 piece band, featuring musicians from all over the country. We performed in beautiful downtown Lahaina, Maui on New Year's Day 2000...what a great way to ring in a new century. George "smokes" on the guitar, and is quite a gentleman.

    Meanwhile, back in Albuquerque....

The talented David Hidalgo of "LOS LOBOS" sits in with us at the QBar in Albuquerque last August, 2007.


From left to right Dave, Steve, Howard, and Guy.

Photos courtesy of Lilia Ruiz

The incomparable Vocalist Hillary Smith, belts it out at the Albuquerque Museum 2007 Concert Series.
    Photos courtesy of Elliot Madriss      
  Glenn Kostur and Guy tearing it up!  

Hillary Smith & the GT's
From left to right Steve Hield (Guitars/Vocals); Howard Cloud (Bass; Lydia Clark (Keyboards/Vocals); Ray Griffin (Saxophones); Hillary Smith (Lead Vocalist); Guy Russo (Drums).

Above Photo courtesy of some unknown party goer...that just happened to be a photographer!


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