Barite #NEV01

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These golden Barites from the Carlin Trend (Nevada's largest Gold deposit!), in the Meikle Mine of Nevada, are world class specimens! I scooped up a few of them directly from the miner of these beauties at the Tucson 2006 Show, and I am pleased to list them here on my web site.

Found in high temperature, sulfurous pockets, which creates extreme conditions and are very dangerous to collect these superb crystals.

Loaded with many gemmy, tabular-rhombohedron, golden-yellow, to deep amber Barite crystals on matrix, this miniature really sparkles! The crystal faces are so glassy, making this is one very fine specimen!

Dimensions in cm: 3.8 x 2.0 x 2.3
Largest crystal in cm: 0.8

Meikle Mine, Carlin Trend, Eureka County, Nevada, USA

Specimen # NEV01

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