Calcite on Sphalerite # TUC0904

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Now here's a very nifty and unusual specimen from the Elmwood mine. This top shelf miniature features a wonderful collection of over two dozen perfectly formed golden Calcite crystals scattered on shiny Sphalerite.

This specimen is so clean and just shines! I just found it to be so different than the larger Calcite specimens associated with this locale that it caught my eye. It is great seeing perfect smaller scalenohedral crystals -- too cute. The color is very rich, and the glassy crystals are perfectly terminated. Many have double terminations, and are quite transparent.

Talking to several of my colleagues at the Tucson show this year I have come to find out that the Elmwood mine did not reopen as expected. Unfortunately it seems that after quite a concerted effort and many millions of dollars, the attempt was abandoned. So that means more of these beauties will not be coming out in the foreseeable future.

A real gem of a miniature, and a custom base specifically designed to display the specimen optimally is included.

Dimensions in cm: 5.5 x 5.0 x 3.5
Largest crystal in cm: 1.5

Elmwood Mine
Smith County, Tennessee,

Specimen # TUC0904
Custom base included

Fluorite & Sphalerite # ELM01

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Very beautiful specimen of Fluorite and Sphalerite, consisting of a good sized cube of vividly colored purple Fluorite cube set on crystallized, reddish/brown Sphalerite matrix. The lustrous, translucent, Fluorite crystal has very nice form, with typical stepped cubic faces (see top left photo).You can also see in the photos above that there is very nice form in the crystal, as well as the overall composition of crystal as it sits on the matrix. There is a cleave on the very bottom backside of the Fluorite, where it was removed from its matrix rock (this is very typical for Elmwood specimens). It is not at all noticeable as the specimen is viewed from all sides. Displays very well on its own, and just "glitters" throughout! A very aesthetic, large miniature specimen, from a very classic U.S. locale.

Dimensions in cm: 5.0 x 4.3 x 3.0
Largest crystal in cm: 3.5 across
Elmwood Mine, Smith County, near
Carthage, Tennessee, USA

Specimen # ELM01

Fluorite Crystals on Sphalerite #TUC0820

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I just had to show you a close up detail of the Sphalerite crystals, as they have amazing color and luster!

This stellar cabinet specimen of Fluorite and Sphalerite, was collected in the mid 80's. The former, meticulous, owner/collector really knew how to pick them! This flawless beauty features five, gemmy, deep electric blue-purple, Fluorite crystals of varying sizes. They are perfectly balanced on crystallized, reddish/brown Sphalerite matrix. Even some of the shiny Sphalerite matrix features some lustrous, translucent, and "glowing" red crystals. Great terminations and well trimmed! Overall, truly a beautiful and very aesthetic specimen, from one of the very classic U.S. locales featured at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2008.

Dimensions in cm: 9.0 x 8.0 x 5.0
Largest crystal in cm: 2.0 across
Elmwood Mine, Smith County
Near Carthage
, Tennessee,

Specimen # TUC0820

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