Sweet Home Mine Rhodochrosite # SH09

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Dazzling, fine representation of the coveted Rhodochrosite on matrix from the Sweet Home Mine. This beauty comes to me by way of an older collection. There are several well formed rhombs on this small cabinet beauty, and the main crystal is a respectable 1.3 cm end to end.

A very nicely balanced specimen indeed, the perfectly formed Rhodochrosite rhombs are aesthetically perched on a matrix of Tetrahedrite. The icing on the cake is minor Quartz, and Chalcopyrite crystals scattered throughout the matrix.

Note that below the bottom corner of the main crystal is a perfectly formed cube (topping a Quartz crystal), of what appears to be an "albino rhomb"! This is actually a small Fluorite crystal. Additionally in that same location, there are several well formed smaller rhombs in a vug behind the albino rhomb, and under the main Rhodochrosite crystal.

Very nice color, and terminations throughout. The main Rhodochrosite displays a very gemmy, transparent quality. Since the prices continue to climb, this is a great time to add such a desirable, and coveted specimen to your personal collection!

Dimensions in cm: 5.5 x 4.5 x 3.5
Largest crystal in cm: 1.3 across

Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County

Specimen # SH09

Sweet Home Mine Rhodochrosite # SH08

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Awesome Plate of: Rhodochrosite,Tetrahedrite, Quartz, and Chalcopyrite

Featuring many beautifully well formed rhombs (over 20 crystals!!!) sprinkled throughout a contrasting matrix of Tetrahedrite; Quartz crystal needles; and Chalcopyrite crystals; This fabulous cabinet beauty is my very best Rhodochrosite specimen, that I am finally offering for sale. I was very fortunate to acquire this piece several years ago from a good friend, and colleague that procured it directly from the mine owner Bryan Lees.

You may already know that quality Rhodochrosite specimens from Sweet Home Mine are increasingly difficult to find, and the prices for the top pieces have escalated significantly since the closing of the historical Sweet Home Mine back in October of 2004.

The colors of the larger rhombs on this large plate are a gorgeous classic Sweet Home Mine "rhodo-red". They are quite gemmy, and wonderfully contrasted on a colorful matrix. Revered by mineral collectors around the world, these Sweet Home Mine Rhodochrosite are perhaps my all time favorite mineral. Truly a rare beauty from a legendary locality, and a must have for any serious gem & mineral collector.

Very desirable & aesthetic specimen !

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Dimensions in cm: 13.5 x 7.5 x 3.8
Largest crystal in cm: 1.2 across

Pincushion II Pocket, Fluorite Raise
Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Park County

Specimen # SH08

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